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Whether it’s creating a photo-realistic rendering or a complete animated walkthrough, ProViz is the key to realizing your project’s complete vision. Serving as your creative partner, our talented studio of 3D artists, architectural designers, illustrators, computer animators, and multimedia experts can provide you with professional design and marketing products, further enhancing the success of your project.

Case Studies
ProViz has worked with numerous clients to develop comprehensive visualization packages that can assist you in your marketing, fundraising, and sales efforts. These case studies provide a great example as to how our services can best be utilized to achieve your project’s goals.

Proviz Terminus Case Study (formerly Provizions)

Buckhead, GA

Description: Over the course of two years, ProViz worked with Cousins Properties and Duda Paine Architects to develop over 30 still renderings for this premier, mixed-use development in downtown Buckhead, just north of Atlanta. Featuring two, 25-plus story office buildings, a 32-story residential tower, and street-level retail and restaurant space, the development offers the ultimate combination of living, working and leisure spaces. Located at the corner of Piedmont and Peachtree Roads, Terminus is right in the heart of Buckhead’s financial district.

Owner/Developer: Cousins Properties, Inc.

Architects: Duda Paine Architects (design architect), HKS, Inc. (architect of record), Cooper Carry (residential architect)

ProViz’s renderings were featured on the cover a local magazine, in full-page print ads, the development’s web site, a billboard in Buckhead, and two sales centers.

Proviz Chamberlin Case Study (formerly Provizions)
The Chamberlin

Old Point Comfort, VA

Description: ProViz developed several still renderings for the adaptive reuse of this former grand hotel near Hampton, VA. Built in 1928, this majestic structure will find new purpose providing luxury apartments for senior citizens. Offering more than 130 units and a beautiful view of the Hampton Roads Harbor, The Chamberlin offers one of the most unique living experiences in the Hampton Roads area.

Owner/Developer: OPC Hampton, LLC

Architect: Commonwealth Architects

Featured in the Chamberlin’s sales center, in news reports of the building’s progress, and in other marketing materials, ProViz’s detailed renderings are being utilized help lease apartments and bring life back to this historic landmark.

Proviz Miller & Rhoads Case Study (formerly Provizions)
Miller & Rhoads Mixed-Use Project

Richmond, VA

Description: The former Miller & Rhoads department store was originally built in the late 1800’s and served as one of the premier shopping destinations in Richmond until it closed its doors in 1989. The adaptive reuse of this building, one of the centerpieces to Richmond's downtown revitalization effort, will once again host memorable moments as a place to live, eat and shop in Richmond’s urban core. The project includes a Hilton Garden Inn, condominiums and restaurant and retail space along the street level.

Owner/Developer: HRI Properties, Inc. & ECI Development Services, LLC

Architect: Commonwealth Architects

ProViz provided numerous still renderings including several that highlighted the Hilton Garden Inn lobby and common areas. Condominium renderings and a photo-composite exterior rendering were also used at the project’s sales center to sell residential units and commercial tenant spaces.

Proviz Smiths Landing Case Study (formerly Provizions)
Smith’s Landing

Blacksburg, VA

Smith’s Landing is a luxury apartment community located near the Virginia Tech campus. Featuring several apartment buildings, a clubhouse and an on-site Hilton Garden Inn, the project seeks to provide students with luxury living spaces within walking distance of the campus. Developed by Bruce Smith, former NFL star and Virginia Tech alum, along with Armada Hoffler Development, Smith’s Landing serves as one of the premier living destinations in Blacksburg.

Owner/Developer: Bruce Smith Development, LLC & Armada Hoffler Development Company

Architect: CMSS Architects

ProViz provided still renderings, both interior and exterior, of the entire development, as well as a complete virtual tour. Our products are currently being used on Smith’s Landing’s website and throughout their sales center.

Headquartered in Richmond’s historic Shockoe Slip, the ProViz studio consists of a talented team of 3D artists dedicated to providing you, the client, with outstanding customer service and high-quality visualization products.

Studio Overview
The ProViz studio is a place of activity, where its open spaces encourage creative and thoughtful solutions to 3D visualization. Members of the ProViz team operate in a highly collaborative manner with each person utilizing their strengths and talents to achieve total client satisfaction. ProViz doesn’t just see itself as a 3D visualization firm; we see ourselves as your creative partner, viewing your goals as our own and working with you to make sure each and every one is achieved. We strive to maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients, working hand-in-hand to provide a captivating product that is delivered on-time and on-budget.

Trey Tyler Proviz TeamTrey Tyler, Director
Trained first as an architect, Trey Tyler now leads the talented staff of 3D artists at ProViz. After graduating from North Carolina State’s School of Design, Trey worked for over six years in the architectural field. As a result, Trey understands the complexities of construction drawings, specifications, sketches, and other visual and verbal methods to communicate design intent, bringing a comprehensive understanding to the ProViz studio. Trey’s expertise and personal approach make him one of the leading pioneers in the industry.

Keeping pace with the changes that occur during the constant-evolving process of design and visualization, Trey has a strong grasp of the technological tools to produce high-end visualization products. As the Director of ProViz, he ensures each visualization product is delivered on time and on budget, maximizing the value for each and every client.

Jon Shaw Proviz TeamJon Shaw, Production Manager
Formerly trained in both engineering and 3D visualization, Jon brings a unique set of strengths to the ProViz studio. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in engineering technology from East Tennessee State University, Jon went on to the Savannah College of Art and Design where he worked toward a Master of Fine Arts in Computer Art and 3D Lighting. Serving as ProViz’s Production Manager and Lead Lighting Artist, Jon manages and teaches multiple artists on a daily basis. His attention to detail, post-production, and quality control allows him to understand the capabilities and resources of the studio at any given time.

Prior to his time at ProViz, Jon lived in Los Angeles, lending his rendering and animation skills at Rhythm & Hues Studio on movies like the Chronicles of Narnia. Also a gifted photographer, Jon’s talent as a 3D artist and digital-lighting expert make him an invaluable asset to the ProViz team.

David Robinson Proviz TeamDavid Robinson, 3D Artist
Trained at the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh, David is a highly-skilled 3D artist. He joined the ProViz studio after managing his own advertising business for 10 years, a venture that allowed him to work in 42 states. This experience allowed him to develop strong verbal communication skills and sales and marketing techniques, making him an authority in client relations and strategic partnerships. An expert in visualization pricing, he understands the importance of visualization services and knows how to maximize the value on every job.

Mathew Pearlswig Proviz TeamMathew Pearlswig, 3D Artist
A talented 3D artist trained the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh, Mathew is in charge of research and development for ProViz in addition to heading up the studio’s programming and scripting efforts. He possesses advanced technical skills with visualization software on various platforms and assists in implementing new technologies into the studio. An expert in interactive media, Mathew is a talented graphic designer and traditional-media artist as well. Mathew always understands the “big-picture” and the value of the ProViz studio’s time and collective work.

ProViz offers complete visualization services to its clients. Specializing in architectural and exhibit visualization, we provide a wide range of products - from wire frame perspectives and renderings to full virtual tours of an entire development, campus, or building.

With the ability to create 3D digital models of anything you can design, imagine, or invent, ProViz can provide you with a wide range of deliverables including photo-realistic renderings, animated walkthroughs, real-time panoramas, interactive DVDs, and complete virtual tours.

Architectural Illustration
3D Perspective Renderings
Elevation Renderings
3D Floor Plans
Aerial Renderings
Site Plan Illustrations

Interior Walk-throughs
Exterior Walk-throughs
Exterior Fly-arounds
Object Animation
Virtual Tours

Quick-time Panoramas
Interactive CD/DVDs
Interactive Sales Centers
Interactive Web Content

Architectural Illustration
Using the most advanced visualization technology on the market, ProViz can produce anything from a basic elevation illustration to a complex photo-realistic 3D rendering. These renderings can be seen from any perspective as chosen by the client, allowing them to see the project from multiple angles in multiple contexts. In addition, we can choose the exact time of day the rendering will be shown, incorporating proper shadowing and lighting elements accordingly. Through the technique of blending photos and rendered illustrations, ProViz can create unique image, showing the project within its real-life context.

ProViz can also produce 3D floor plans by “taking the roof off” and giving the client a birds-eye view of the building’s layout. Aerial renderings and site plan illustrations can also be produced to give the client a more realistic view of a project as seen from above.

Our animation services include anything from short interior and exterior walk-throughs to complete virtual tours of an entire project. Using a clear-cut and precise camera path, reflections, shadows, transparency and lighting are incorporated into the animation to accurately convey the proposed design elements in its contextual site. Other animations can be integrated as well including people, vehicles, and water, among others, to create a vibrant and life-like virtual setting.

ProViz creates interactive quick-time panoramas for both interior and exterior spaces. Situated on a fixed point, the models provide a 360-degree view of the proposed area where the user can control the perspective and get the feeling of moving through the space.

ProViz can also develop Interactive Sales Centers, which allows users to pick specific color schemes, furniture layouts, finishes and other materials to help facilitate the decision-making for the design of a proposed space.

Whether its raising money to develop a large, mixed-use project or to restore a historically-significant building, ProViz’s services can help you achieve your financial goals. We understand it’s sometimes difficult to fully paint the picture of your project to potential investors or donors through words and spreadsheets alone. Our clients have found that our 3D renderings and animations can generate a great deal of excitement throughout the communities that these proposed projects will affect, enhancing your fundraising efforts.

Case Study: Pathways – Petersburg, VA
Working with Pathways, a non-profit group dedicated to rebuilding and strengthening the Petersburg community, ProViz provided 3D rendering services and graphics for a marketing brochure to assist with its fundraising efforts for its new Operations Center. The building provides a centralized location to manage all of its programs which include arts and education, healthcare and counseling services, a reading library, and culinary arts training.

Real Estate Development
ProViz can provide a wide array of services to assist developers and real estate brokers in achieving their project goals. Incorporating each and every architectural detail, our interior and exterior renderings and animations allow potential buyers and tenants to see exactly what the property will look like when it is completed. ProViz can provide full virtual tours of your property complete with post-production services such as video editing, narration and custom music selections.

Interactive sales centers are also a great way to enhance the marketing of your project. These sales centers can feature interactive 3D floor plans, allowing users to pick a residential unit of their choice to view the overall size and spatial configurations of the unit and see a full panoramic view of its interior. An interactive neighborhood site map can also be created showing users various areas of interest located near your property.

These products can be delivered in a variety if mediums, as well, whether it be through interactive kiosks at your sales center, a website interface, or just a simple marketing brochure.

Case Study: Terminus Condominiums

Approval and Review Process
ProViz’s services can be useful when navigating the sometimes tricky approval and review process mandated by government agencies and community stakeholders. Realistic, photo-quality renderings show an accurate and detailed picture of the proposed design within its site context, aiding the owner in getting approval from various design review boards.

Case Study: Virginia Commonwealth University – School of Dentistry Addition – Richmond, VA
ProViz’s photo-realistic renderings of both the exterior and interior of this new 55,000 square-foot addition were used throughout the approval process. As a public university in the Commonwealth of Virginia, each of VCU’s construction projects must be approved by the Art and Architectural Review Board (AARB). Instead of relying on architectural drawings and samples of building materials to create a mental picture of the project for the Board, the architect used ProViz’s renderings to show exactly what the building will look like within the context of its site. These renderings gave the Board a clear vision of the project and allowed for a smoother and simpler approval process.

Product Development
ProViz assists product designers by developing photo-realistic renderings of their conceptual designs to help market their products to manufacturers. With the ability to render anything from toys to office furniture, ProViz can bring your idea to life, giving you the edge you need in this competitive market.

ProViz works with advertising professionals, graphic designers, and public relations staff to create dynamic and interesting renderings and illustrations for various media platforms. Whether it be a still image that serves as a background for a print ad or a full set of storyboards, ProViz can translate your graphic ideas into photo-realistic renderings.

As your creative partner, ProViz will work with you to translate your ideas into a realistic 3D rendering or animation. We make a committed effort to respond quickly to your needs, understanding that your deadlines are sometimes contingent upon the completion of our work. Our design process in one that is strictly collaborative as we work with you to make the necessary tweaks and adjustments to your rendering or animation. Without tacking on additional fees to the original contract, we will provide our services until you are completely satisfied with the finished product.

Beginning sometimes with just a simple sketch, the pictures below show the step-by-step process the ProViz studio uses when rendering your project.

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